14B. Complete Film Scaffold provided in the link: FILM TECHNIQUES PARAGRAPH.docx (11,5 kB)

14C. REFLECTION: Write a reflection based on your collage and how it represents concepts of different worlds. In your reflection make close references to both your collage and the film. Aim for 400 -500 words as you will have 15-17 minutes to respond to this type of question.

15: ESSAY:

"Encountering different worlds can allow the responder to gain different perspectives." How does this apply to the film "Bride and Prejudice"?

In your essay use the main themes as a focus in your topic sentences to analyse characters, settings, Bollywood conventions, film techniques, critical reading. You may use the topic sentences provided for you to help you write your essay. Add your own topic sentences to the list:

TOPIC SENTENCES DIFFERENT WORLDS 2.docx (13,2 kB) Aim for 600-700 words - 30 minutes writing time.