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1A. Read the rubric in the HOMEPAGE brainstorm on a mindmap - what are the features of different worlds? Make a mindmap of the featurs of DIFFERENT WORLDS using INSPIRATION.
1.Look at the photos above and watch the video "Images of Bollywood".                                                                                                                                         Make a list of the features of Bollywood? 
2. Read the Bollywood conventions from the booklet and go through the powerpoint attached: What is Bollywood.ppt (369 kB)  What are Bollywood film conventions?
3.What happens to people who move from one culture to another? Explain.

4. Write your own explanation of what you understand by the concept of different worlds from the knowledge you have gained thus far. 200 words.

Different worlds challenge the way we see ourselves.

Different worlds

Date: 26/07/2011 | By: Lourdesny Marianayagam

Seeing a lifestyle different to ours may be like looking at a T.V - Something that is completely fictional and entertaining. Or it may be like looking through a shop window, yearning for what is inside but facing the reality that what you yearn for is unachievable. For others, different worlds are like different clothes, you may like some and dislike others. How one sees different worlds affects the way one sees themselves. If you like the lifestyle you see, you may want change to the way you live, if you dislike it, then you may feel better about how you see yourself. However we should understand that different worlds is not something to avoid but something to embrace and learn from, no matter what our differences are.

Different Worlds Challenge the Way We see Ourselves

Date: 24/07/2011 | By: Carina

Every culture brings different perspectives and viewpoints on how we should live our life. These different cultures and opinions can influence our own decisions, and choices. Different cultures have different customs and traditions these makes it a challenge to embrace new cultures, but our ignorance can only disadvantage us. Each culture has something new to bring into the world. Only once we have truly embraced this will we be able to experience our world, through different viewpoints and perspectives.

"Different worlds challenge the way we see ourselves"

Date: 23/07/2011 | By: Celina Murillo

A world that is so diverse where many cultures have come together as one, each bringing something special to the table. It is often forgotten that we are all the same and that there is no difference between us. We may have come from different backgrounds, different parts of the world; with different traditions and economic status. However we came to this earth the same way and we will part this earth the same way. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes. Although many of us believe, that we are superior to other cultures and have the right to treat them with respect. The challenge for people now days is to learn from and accept other cultures.

'Different Worlds challenge the way we see ourselves'

Date: 23/07/2011 | By: Natalie Sarkez

It is human nature to be ignorant towards something you do not know much about. The world we live in establishes and frames our opinions and perspectives of life. Our world is a very unique and diverse place and each individual brings their own life experiences to complete somewhat like a ‘puzzle’ we all fit in. Our differences can find our similarities and we begin to see life through the eyes of others. Our world is truly indomitable by our cultures, religions, traditions, morals and ethics. Our ignorance can be our biggest enemy when it comes to knowing and becoming familiarised with different worlds. Each and every individual can be challenged to see and understand different worlds, however it enables us to see ourselves and our different cultures. Thus, we can all experience a new and different world, impacting us positively to see life from many angles and exceptional ways.

'Different worlds challenge the way we see ourselves'

Date: 22/07/2011 | By: Karah Anderson

Today's society is extremely diverse, with many different cultures making up communities, cities, and countries. The way that we perceive the world is affected by the diversity of culture in every country. Everyone's perception of different worlds is different, and no one's opinion is necessarily right or wrong. Personally, I believe that our differences bring us closer together. Each culture has something else to offer to the world, and many people are interested in other cultures and the way they work. The challenge we face is to keep our minds open, and not be so narrow minded about cultures different from our own. We need to be able to respect and understand the diversity of different cultures in the world.

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